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You can contact the executive members of the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association via email or our membership base via Facebook. We ask that you allow extra time for our all volunteer staff to respond when you contact us on weekends or holidays. We will try to reply within 24 hrs of the next business day.

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The Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association invites you to join us on facebook to keep up with the most current information.

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Tournament Captains Meeting

The Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association holds the annual Spring Tournament Captains Meeting, The Friday before the Saturday tournament.

The Captains meeting is a great way to meet your fellow anglers, learn about last minute rule changes and recieve door prizes.

In 2010 we started giving away the "Best Dang Tackle Box". This is a raffle to those who participate by donating a new packaged lure, you will recive a chance to win and a ticket. A ticket will be drawn and the overflowing five gallon bucket of lures could be yours! In 2012 the "Best Dang Tackle Box" had grown into two five gallon buckets full of tackle.

Kayak Raffle; Once again we will offer our Kayak raffle for those of you who would like to upgrade your fleet of kayaks.

Captain’s Meeting: Friday, Before the Saturday Tournament at 6:00 PM
Captains Meeting Location: At one of our Sponsors Resturants.

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Grassy Point Camp-out

The club planned overnight fishing trips to the Grassy Point Wildlife Management Area near the Yellow River delta. Grassy Point is located west of Choctaw NOLF off of Hwy 87 in Santa Rosa County. The events were scheduled around the changing of Daylight Savings time.

The primitive campsites provides ready access to the fishing area of Little Catfish and Catfish basins. Redfish,Trout, and Flounder can be found in the marshes, bayous and shallow waters.

  • Weekend of March 10th -11th 2018
  • Weekend of November 10 - 11th, 2018 (TBD)
  • Weekend of March 9th - 10th 2019 (TBD)
  • Weekend of November 2nd - 3rd (TBD)

Hope to see you there!

Click Here for more information.

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Rigging Clinic

The first rigging clinic was at Ted's house in Gulf Breeze, FL. We were surprised at the turnout and rigged several kayaks that day. You see when the sport of kayak fishing started its popularity, kayak vendors did not make fishing models. We had to figure out how to install fishing rod holders, fish finders, and battery boxes.

With the start of the next new year we started holding our annual rigging clinic to help new kayak anglers add, modify, or remove items to/from their kayaks to aid them in the pursuit of the perfect fishing kayak.

We welcomed new comers to bring their yaks and any rigging projects they may have had. Take advantage of the experience of others. If your yak is fully rigged, you could bring it to show off. Seeing how others have rigged their yaks is half the fun.

Also, if you have yak gear to sell or swap, bring it and we could set up a barter station.

What we learned was these projects help sell mechandise,and so we teamed up with Academy Sports and Outdoors to hold the events at their facility, in exchange for their sponsorship to help support our Annual Tournament.

Location: ACADEMY on Davis Hwy, Pensacola, FL.



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The current GCKFA leadership and activities can be found on FACEBOOK. at the following link;

This website has served it members well over the years. I have been personally funding the website effort and spending countless hours over the years (2005-present) trying to keep it current. Sorry, but this website will only have minimal updates from now on, the new focus of the website will be to share our past activities, as we turn the site into a historical document.

The GCKFA will continue the task of promoting kayak fishing along the Gulf of Mexico but It is time to pass it on to a new kayak fishing generation.

Best Wishes and Tight Lines, from the webmaster.


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GCKFA Membership UPDATE 2018

Please contac the GCKFA Executive Comittee at;

Ok yall it's almost a new year and with that is coming a lot of changes and big things for the GCKFA!

We are accepting membership dues starting today Dec. 4th 2018!!!

****Membership cost is $22 per angler and with this membership you will get $5 off your entry fee to each of the 8 Shoot Out Tournaments and $10 off your entry fee to our Annual GCKFA Spring Tournament this year! If you fish all 8 shootouts and the annual tournament that's a savings of $50 on entry fees!! Also once we receive your dues we will contact you and get you one of our new GCKFA decals for your vehicle or kayak!!

****Membership dues need to be paid through the PayPal link posted here......

****Starting in January we are going to have a series of 8 Top Shot Soot Out Tournaments throughout the year! These will include inshore, offshore and different formats for each Shoot Out. We will also have 4 week long CPR tournaments throughout the year.

****January we will have our first CPR tournament, these CPR tournaments will be MEMBER EXCLUSIVE tournaments and will have a $20 entry fee with cash payouts! Make sure you get your membership before the first CPR tournament you dont wanna miss out on these!!

****The 8 Shoot Outs will be open to members and non-members, with entry fees at $25 for non-members and $20 for members! These will be a cash payout with 5% going back to the club and plaques for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

This is gonna be a good year for the GCKFA and it members so make sure you are apart of it! Get your membership today!!











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